Parcours, Art Basel’s sector woth installations, performances and site-specific interventions in the historiacal city centre, is this year located at Klingental. Curated by Florence Derieux we can see works by Marina Abramovic, Olaf Breuning, Danh Vo and Artur Zmijewski, just to name some of them.

The night of June 12th the video/performance work “The Architect” by Marc Bauer accompanied by the french band Kafka was staged in the park of the old army barracks.

The works starts with the hard core/punk sounds hypnotising the large audience at a continous flow of images, inviting the spectators to a journey into Berlin of 1922 and the vision of war of a young boy. More than 700 drawings on plexiglass, phtographed 25 to 120 times each, were necessary to create this fairy tale in black and white that is extremely fascinating and creates a sense of sublime. The end of the film, in colored images, brings us back to our times, with a surprising and sad end.

This article has been published on Artribune.

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