Marcos Kuzka / Raul Mourão

opening Friday October 11, 6-9 pm

Bikinis Salon , 56 Avenue C (btw 4th and 5th)
New York

#DocDotMov investigates contemporary art practice in times of new media, digitalization, and social networking, showcasing the (moving) image and mirroring an ever changing social environment.

#DocDotMov means documentation, archiving, and movement at the same time. Through photography, sculpture, and painting (.Doc) and kinetic installations, video, and light projections (.Mov) the spectator is made to rethink his/her position, emotions, and social values within the expanded field of visual and digital communication.

sarahcrown focuses this time on contemporary Brazilian art and introduces existing and new artworks by Raul Mourão, an unedited Instagram art project, and a video piece by sound designer Marcos Kuzka, conceived expressly for this exhibition.

#DocDotMov introduces a new idea for conceiving art thanks to, and based on, contemporary/social media in order to enjoy and share visual information.

Opening Friday Oct 11, 6-9 pm   I   Afterparty @Nublu 9 pm – open

Show: Oct 11-18, 6-9 pm   I   Supported by Xingu beer

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