All Art Works, a new exhibition in partnership with the online art platform AllArtWorks.net will showcase a large & rare selection of paintings from Midwestern artists. The exhibition will feature over 40 works selected by All Art Works’ curator & founder, Tyler Loftis and SARAHCROWN founder Sarah Corona.


All Art Works, runs between February 27th and May 23rd, 2020. 


The exhibition will feature talented artists from the Midwest along side NYC-based artists which were individually selected to guarantee the highest quality of work & value. The installed works on display will be paintings ranging from small to large in scale and in styles including modern, traditional and contemporary. The affordable works of art encompass abstract color works, landscapes, and a compilation of figurative paintings.


The core mission of All Art Works is to make art accessible to all and to bring original art into every household. 

Artists: Aziza Abbasi, Maggie Bandstra, Sylvia Bandyke, Isabel Barber, Danielle Benson-Fennell, Carol Berger, David Besteman, Barbara Sartorius Bjelland, Sheryl Budnik, Jodie Dilno, Lisa Dionne, Anna Donahue, Yael Dresdner, Martin Dull, Agnes Fisher, Mariangela Fremura, Bruce Gordon, Todd Hix, Deborah Hoover, Jeremy Hutchins, Maia Ibar, Michael Jammal, Elisa Jensen, Kathleen Kalinowski, Clarissa Karling, Kelly Kirks, Tim Kurtz, Marie Lauer, Catherine Lepp, Lynette Lombard, Poppy Luca, Kristin Malin, Sri McCarthy, JP McDaniel, Craig Merchant, Ofer MizraChi, Anne Rivers, Colleen Rockey, Sharon Sieben, Jordan Smith, Mary Ann Southworth, Holly Sturges, Mary Sundstrom, Dov Talpaz, Christine Towner, Margaret Tsirantonakis, Judith Tummino, Kristi Visser, Nancy Wall, Willie Williams, Megan WIlliamson, Becky Yazdan.


With this project’s approach, SARAHCROWN strives to offer access and insight into the vast artistic talent that exists outside of New York City.

All works of art are for sale, and the proceeds will benefit the artists. For more information, please contact: info@sarahcrown.com. 



Works can be acquired online at http://www.allartworks.net or by contacting info@sarahcrown.com


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Opening: February 27, 2020 – 6-8 pm
Location: The Yard – Columbus Circle 33 W 60th Street –  2nd, 11th, and 12th floor
On view: February 27 – My 23, 2020
Public hours: Mon – Fri 9:30 – 5:30,  and by appointment
For more info: info@sarahcrown.com / mike@allartworks.net.


Kelly Kirks, Pretty in Pink, Oil on Canvas, 20×16 in.
Tim Kurtz, Boudica as a Young Girl, Oil on Canvas, 18×10 in.

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