SARAHCROWN was founded by Sarah Corona as a project in contemporary art and culture.

SARAHCROWN collaborates with and curates for public and private art institutions, non-profit and for-profit organizations, corporates, personal collections, and private galleries both in Europe and New York. She offers furthermore professional service in curatorial projects, project management, art advisory and communications.

The aim is to spread the knowledge for art and culture through society, to sustain artistic production and to create a network between the stakeholders and curious people. One of the main interests is to discover how technology affects art and culture and how contemporary art works, realized with new media, touch the spectator and arouse that astonishment, which is often a fundamental ontological element for a work of art. The projects investigate furthermore art and politics in countries of conflicts and the cultural diversities in comparison to the European and American society.

Sarah Corona writes and publishes about art and culture on different international media outlets and in different languages since 2006. She writes essays and curatorial texts and exhibition catalogs. She is furthermore lecturer and guest curator at New York based arts organizations.

sarah crown gallery

Other projects include:


ROOMSERVICE  a project space in Brooklyn for artistic and cultural experimentation, devoted to the dissemination of site-specific projects, new media based art works and critical discourses around the curatorial practice.



Sarah Corona is Jury member and guest curator of roBOt festival an annual festival that            sustains artistic production in the field of digital media and electronic music. more





BAG Bologna Art Galleries a platform that informs about what’s going on in Bologna, Italy.

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